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Baby Bundt
Poppy Seed Tea Cake
Brownie Bites

Baby Bundt

- $30 for 6 cakes
- $50 for 12 cakes
- $20 1 large size
(catering available)

This baby bundt cake is light and fluffy with a golden brown outer crust. Made with cream cheese and less sugar than most cakes, this treat is moist with just the right amount of sweetness. Made fresh to order these can be enjoyed with fresh fruit, a scoop of sorbet, or just by themselves. perfect for a breakfast meeting, brunch party, or Sunday afternoon. 

Contains: flour, sugar,, butter, cream cheese

Poppy seed tea cake

- $5 for 1 mini loaf 
- $18 for 4 mini loaves
- $18 for 1 large loaf
- $34 for 2 large loaves

Something a little different from standard tea cakes. This cake is elegant with a lovely delicate flavor and crunch. Enjoy it for breakfast, brunch or a snack, and it makes a wonderful dessert.

Contains: flour, sugar, butter, poppy seeds

Brownie Bites

- $24 per box
(catering available)

Brownies are an all-American dessert that never go out of style. Even the most avid dieter can indulge in this sweet bite of chocolate heaven. These can be made to order with walnuts, chocolate chips, or a peanut butter frosting. These bite size treats make for great party desserts and are a favorite for events.

Contains: chocolate, sugar, butter, eggs, flour
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