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Florentines - 'The Crack'

- $30 for 30 cookies

My take on italian florentine cookies, these lacy treats are sweet, nutty, and crunchy. The bonus? They're sandwiched with fine dark chocolate. I love serving these with ice cream. The contrast of the crunchy cookie and and the cold creamy ice cream pair beautifully together. These decadent treats are perfect stocking stuffers and a favorite for the holidays.   

Contains: almonds, sugar, honey, butter, flour, cream

Death by Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

- $45 for 30 cookies

Double Double, Toil & Trouble, Something Wicked This Way Comes. WICKED GOOD that is! Introducing my new chewy DOUBLE CHOCOLATE, Chocolate Chip Cookies, devilishly delicious and just in time for the holiday season. Order yours today!

Contains: chocolate, cocoa, sugar, eggs, butter, flour

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